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My name is Sergio Espinosa, but all my friends call me "Sketch".

I was born and raised in Los Angeles. Sketching since elementary school. During and after classes. Never knew I was going to be doing tattoos if you had asked me then. As I begin to step out into the real world after high school I was lost. Dealing with the law and being in and out of jail... I decided to plant a seed on a new skill I have no idea on where to start or how. Who do I ask to teach me? I was determined to learn. I was self taught and tried to pick up as much knowledge to those along my path I bumped into while working at many shops. 

Jump to the future, I've now been tattooing for 14yrs. Began traveling across the United States doing tattoo conventions. After working at many shops all over LA I now own a shop in downtown Los Angeles called Hidden Temple Tattoo Studio.

I'd like to think my style is really versatile. I can do color, lettering, and black & gray. I will be gathering more pictures to open an album with other styles like Watercolor, Stippling, and Sacred Geometry which I like to do also. Check out my tattoo work under my Portfolio section and if you like what you see want to book an appointment, just click on the Book Online section to link you to start booking. Thanks for your time!

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